What is Stressfree?

At Stressfree Recipes, we have a single mission: To make your life less stressful.

We do this by providing personalized meal-planning services that make eating well easy to do. Created by a team of doctors, Stressfree Recipes uses technology to create customized meal plans that satisfy your every craving–and personal health goals.

Delicious Recipes, Doctor-Approved

Designed by doctors, powered by science, and personalized just for you, Stressfree Recipes starts by defining your unique Taste Profile. The Taste Profile identifies your health needs and goals as well as food allergies and other diet restrictions. Once we have your Taste Profile our Recipe Genius™ gets to work, finding recipes and planning meals tailored just for you. Built on science, our Recipe Genius™ ensures that each Stressfree Recipes meal plan is perfectly balanced and customized just for you.


Meet Candice Wood, MD

Board Certified in Obstetrics & Gynecology

While feeding her newborn daughter in the middle of the night, Dr. Candice Wood had a revelation. Between feedings, play time, nap time, housework, career, and family, there are a lot of things to stress about in life, but planning healthy meals shouldn't be one of them.

Using handpicked recipes, a dash of technology, and a heaping portion of easy-to-use tools, Dr. Wood created Stressfree Recipes to take the guesswork out of planning healthy meals for her family—and it will do the same for you and yours, too.


Smart Recipes, Doctor-Approved.


Created by doctors, powered by science, and personalized just for you, Stressfree Recipes uses proprietary smart technology to first identify your unique Taste Profile, then deliver custom meal plans and recipes through the Recipe Genius. In fact, the more you use the Recipe Genius, the smarter it gets at delivering mouth-watering suggestions from Dr. Candice Wood's own hand-picked recipe database.